American Made Lumber LLC.

16824 Nauvoo Road; Middlefield, Ohio 44062


Toll Free (855) 296-9404

      Local (440) 632-5503



     Each members of our procurement team have approximately 20 years of experience directly dealing in the timber stands throughout Eastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Southwestern New York, and West Virginia. This assures you that we have the knowledge and experience to best manage and harvest your timber to achieve your goals whether they are short or long term.


     Most forest owners are unaware of the complexities in properly managing their timber. This is because every forest is different. There are various species, soil types, topography, and maturity levels that all need to be factored into a management plan. American Made Lumber will take all of these factors into consideration along with, and just as importantly, your goals and objectives to develop the most comprehensive and practical approach to managing your forest.



     We use the trees we purchase from your property and manufacture quality hardwood lumber that will be used in anything from fine furniture and flooring to railroad ties and pallets.  It is the strength and diversity of our lumber markets that enable us to pay top dollar for all species of trees,

What to expect once contacting American Made Lumber (AML):


1. A member of our procurement staff will talk with you to get the information necessary to locate and    visit your property.


2. A FREE,NO Obligation inspection of your property is performed by a member of our procurement

    team. (You do NOT have to be present.)


3. Consultation (either in person or via phone) with you to discuss the findings of our inspection.


4.  If a harvest is desired, an appraisal will be give to you.


5. Upon agreement of terms, a contract is executed between you and AML.


6. BEFORE logging activities begin, all money is paid IN-FULL for the trees purchased and any applicable

    permits are obtained by AML.


7.  We conduct the harvest as agreed upon.


8.  We perform necessary soil stabilization and level all landings and skid roads.


9.  As weather permits, we compete all finish grading, and re-seeding if necessary.


10. Your timber makes you more money because it grows faster and better while you go on with your life.



American Made Lumber would like to thank and salute all veterans of the armed services! It is because of your sacrifice that we have the freedoms that we do. Thank you!