American Made Lumber LLC.

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Company Mission:


To make a positive impact on the region by being fair, honest, and professional in all dealings, as well as continually looking for improving techniques to minimize environmental impact, while maximizing the money we can put into the landowner's pocket.           





Don't be fooled.  All "Selective  Harvests" are not created equal.  Often times landowners do not realize that in most woods, simply cutting only the "good" and most valuable trees is the worst type of harvest that can be done.  A balance of "good" trees and "bad" trees needs to be harvested each time or you are eventually left with nothing but the "bad" trees to re-seed and reproduce.  This eventually lessens your future timber value rather than increasing it. 


A hardwood forest takes many generations to grow to full development but can be destroyed by one bad harvest.  Do not make that mistake. Contact the professionals at AML to make sure that it doesn't happen to you.  At AML we directly oversee every job and perform the work ourselves.  We sell the lumber that WE manufactured from your property directly to lumber consumers so that we are able to pay the highest possible amount for your trees.




To assist landowners throughout the region and promote practical timber management thus improving the forests for future generations to enjoy and benefit from. We always conduct business with the philosophy that we always treat you the way we want to be treated ourselves.



We own and continually manage properties throughout Northeast Ohio as well as western Pennsylvania. No one has higher standards than AML when it comes to taking care of your property. Every job is supervised and our crews follow the most current Best Management Practices (BMP's) for logging. We always take great care to prevent damage to residual trees – your future timber value. Operations are conducted in a way that minimizes soil disturbance, and no job is finished until the property is cleaned up to highest practical standards.


We understand, because we’re a landowner too. Although we would all love to be able to follow a strict 100 year management plan with our timber, we understand that timber is a financial asset to many people and life is constantly changing. Sometimes this requires people to harvest timber that would ordinarily like to wait. We will work with you to balance your needs while trying to minimize the long term effects on your timber whenever possible whenever money is the driving force behind performing a harvest rather than strictly management.

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American Made Lumber would like to thank and salute all veterans of the U.S. armed services! It is because of your sacrifice that we have the freedoms that we do. Thank you!